金·卡戴珊·韋斯特(Kim Kardashian West)的Facebook Freeze絕對沒有英雄可言。 但是,這將是。

金·卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)West有很多事情:姐姐,媽媽, 隨配配偶,長期擔任電視明星, 社會正義倡導者, 近億萬富翁。 It seems she'd also like to be considered something of a hero for standing up to Facebook.似乎她也想被認為是站起來Facebook的英雄。

卡戴珊·韋斯特(Kardashian West)是近二十位名人中的一員 #StopHateForProfit,反Facebook

social media campaign.社交媒體運動。 The effort seeks to put a spotlight on how toxic speech and misinformation can be spread on Facebook and Instagram, which Facebook owns, and asks the social network company to make a number of reforms, including cracking down on hate groups and misleading election information.這項工作旨在關注如何在Facebook擁有的Facebook和Instagram上傳播有毒的言論和錯誤信息,並要求該社交網絡公司進行多項改革,包括打擊仇恨團體和誤導選舉信息。 To draw attention to #StopHateForProfit, Kardashian West and other stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry提請注意#StopHateForProfit,Kardashian West和其他明星,例如Leonardo DiCaprio,Jennifer Lawrence和Katy Perry 在“凍結”他們的存在 從明天開始在這些應用程序上運行24小時。

#StopHateForProfit的目標值得稱讚。 Hate speech proliferates across social media, and Facebook has been slow to enact policies to tamp down on it.仇恨言論在社交媒體中氾濫成災,而Facebook制定政策以抑制這種言論的速度一直很慢。 But there's nothing heroic about Kardashian West going silent on Instagram and Facebook for a day.但是,關於卡戴珊·韋斯特(Kadashian West)在Instagram和Facebook上保持沉默一天沒有什麼英雄可言。


You see, social media is the beating life force of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.您會發現,社交媒體是Kardashian-Jenner家族的生命力。 It underpins nearly all of their enterprises—from Kylie's cosmetics to Kardashian West's underwear company, SKIMS.它支撐著幾乎所有企業,從Kylie的化妝品到Kardashian West的內衣公司SKIMS。 Kardashian West alone is one of the world's most watched people on social media with僅Kardashian West就是全球社交媒體上觀看次數最多的人之一, 188百萬Instagram用戶在Facebook上有30萬。 (世界上只有七個國家,實際上總共有200,000多人。)在較小程度上,Kardashian West在社交媒體Feed中還擔任非Kardashian品牌的發言人-發布Instagram圖片以展示事物 像HiSmile牙齒美白產品-她可能為這家公司賺取超過XNUMX萬美元的收益。 (Kardashian West的發言人未回復對此故事發表評論的請求。)

If she really wanted to take a stand against Facebook, she'd give this up and switch to advertising through traditional channels: TV, print, radio, whatever.如果她真的想與Facebook對抗,她會放棄,轉而通過傳統渠道進行廣告投放:電視,印刷品,廣播等。 She'd put herself and her companies at some risk to do this, and it would raise costs and lower profits for her, morality often being an expensive passion to pursue.她讓自己和她的公司冒險這樣做,這將增加成本並降低她的利潤,道德常常是一種追求的昂貴激情。

But going off Facebook and Instagram for a day will cost her not a cent.但是,要在Facebook和Instagram上呆一天,將不會花費她一分錢。 It is another bit of canny marketing, a skill seemingly bestowed upon a Kardashian-Jenner at birth.這是精明的營銷活動的另一點,看似是卡戴珊·詹納(Kardashian-Jenner)出生時就具備的一種技能。 Given the prevailing antipathy toward Facebook among many Americans, the 24-hour boycott could actually wind up being lucrative—should people come away with a higher perception of her for doing so, perhaps plunking down even more dollars on Kardashian West merchandise in an eagerness to support Kim's gesture of support.鑑於許多美國人普遍對Facebook表示反感,因此XNUMX小時抵制實際上可能會帶來豐厚的利潤-如果人們這樣做的話,人們應該對她有更高的認識,也許是為了向Kardashian West商品投入更多的錢,支持金的支持姿態。

Is it too much to ask a business person to blow up her business to take a stand against something?要求一個商人毀滅自己的生意以反對某件事是太多了嗎? Well, if it does seem too much, here's another suggestion for Kardashian West.好吧,如果看起來太多了,這是Kardashian West的另一條建議。 How about a pledge to turn down any more advertising dollars from Facebook?拒絕從Facebook獲得更多廣告收入的承諾怎麼樣?

是的,通過 福布斯據估計,Kardashian West去年作為Facebook視頻通話設備Portal的代言人至少賺了1萬美元。 電視廣告 和至少 一條Instagram帖子.